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Changing Insurance Needs for Evolving Restaurants and Bars


Over the past several years restaurants and bars have continued to experience significant growth. Their sales continue to go up with no clear limit in site. People proclaim that they would rather go out to eat than stay home and restaurateurs are getting more and more savvy about how to not only provide quality food in a comfortable environment, but also how to bring food to the customer and offer other benefits of eating at their venues. Additionally, bar owners are also increasing their services. Food trucks are on the move, festivals are popping up everywhere, coffee shops are offering services such as meeting spaces and internet services, online ordering is becoming more popular, aps allowing you to easily search options are being released regularly, bars are offering more late night food service and people are continuing to specialize in all sorts of niches from farm to table to craft cocktails. There is virtually something for everyone!


Don’t let the food fool you. Restaurants have traditionally existed to feed people and bars have offered spirits, but service has become a major factor in developing a successful concept. Patrons come back for that atmosphere and service as much as they do for the food and drink. While some consider price a variable in where they go, many people want quality. This opens the door for a lot of creativity for owners.


With all the energy going into creating interesting and unique concepts, excellent food and drink and outstanding service, attention needs to be paid to making sure establishments are properly covered.


“The legal and insurance landscape for nightclub, tavern, and bar owners is more challenging in Arizona than in other states. Unique laws and conditions affect products such as liquor liability and firearms coverage throughout the state, making it one of the more difficult places for venue owners to get proper insurance. To get the coverage they need, it’s essential for owners to work with a professional accustomed to dealing with complex exposures in this industry,” said Kathy Griffith, Senior Underwriter for Worldwide Facilities, LLC.



Things aren’t so cut and dry anymore, according to David DeLorenzo, Industry Specialist in Bar & Restaurant Insurance. There are many things to be considered when selecting proper coverage. It used to be that there were only a few options when it came to insurance, but with the changes restaurants have experienced over the past decade, there is now much more to be considered. An insurance agent or company that specializes in this niche can help an owner understand what their potential risk factors are and how to most effectively and economically cover them.


When looking for the best agent, restaurant owners shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about the agent’s specific experience in the industry, whom he or she has insured, the types of coverage they can offer through their carriers and what does the agent see as the restaurant owner’s unique needs and risks. Also, finding someone who plays an active role in the restaurant community can make a big difference.


If you are a restaurant owner looking to find the right agent to help ensure your establishments, don’t hesitate to contact Bar & Restaurant Insurance, the industry specialists at (480) 776-6981.


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