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You are Your Best Competition. Enjoy the Race.

Running a bar & restaurant business can feel like a race. In the first few years, your mind goes crazy with questions about how to out-run the competition. Like a runner at the starting line, you wonder:

How fast can I come out of the gate?

Can I maintain a steady pace?

What if a competitor passes me?

This weekend, I competed in the first race of my trail running series, the Xterra. On my way to the race, I was PUMPED. With my biggest competitor out this season, I was sure I had a chance to finish on the top box.

Even though I felt pretty confident, I couldn’t help but worry about all the guys around me. How hard had they trained? What would their strategies be? How could I outcompete?

My nerves disappeared as soon as the race started. There’s nothing more exhilarating than running full-speed through the warm, fall desert. As I pushed my body to the limit, I was forced to be present. I trusted my training and allowed my instinct to take the lead.

When it comes to running your business, it is easy to get distracted by everyone around you. It is more important to focus on yourself. Rely on your experience. Trust your instinct. Stay in touch with the moment.

In the end, there was no first place podium for me. Instead, I finished third. I was okay with that.

Even though I didn’t place as well as I hoped I would, I had an awesome experience. More importantly, I walked away even more motivated to achieve my personal best.

No matter what race you’re running, there will always be someone faster and stronger on your tail. Instead of fighting it, learn to enjoy it. The true aim is not to pass your competition, but to surpass YOURSELF.

Work hard. Hone into the moment. Give yourself some credit.

You become a better business owner just by running the race.

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