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The Arizona Farmer and Chef Connection


In an effort to support the growth and collaborations of local businesses, Bar and Restaurant Insurance has partnered with Local’s First Arizona to sponsor an exciting event this fall. The Arizona Farmer and Chef Connection  happening on September 12, 2016, is designed to bring together local food producers and wholesale buyers where they can interact, learn and identify potential connections.


These type of events are vitally important for our state on a number of levels. When restaurants take advantage of using local farms and food growers, jobs are created strengthening the economic climate of Arizona. Restaurants and other food/drink providing establishments are able to reduce the distance food has to travel and also often obtain the healthiest ingredients by virtue of buying local.


Tourism also benefits as many people want to experience sampling local foods in the regions to which they visit. By connecting wholesale buyers and local food producers we preserve Arizona’s unique food heritage and culture.


Using local food producers and growers increases the exposure of farms and artisan products in the restaurant scene. Arizona has a wealth of local farms from which to choose and when wholesale buyers use them it only serves to grow our options on a number of levels.


Bar and Restaurant Insurance continues to provide support to this event, as we have done in the past, because we are invested in promoting and supporting local business… from bars and restaurants to farms and food producers. We believe the fueling the local economy and supporting our fellow residents is important. This event is a wonderful way to do that, and one of the only events in the state that serves this purpose.


Right now, Bar and Restaurant is offer a promo code for folks interested in attending this year’s event. Purchase tickets HERE before September 9th and use promo code BARINSPROMO to receive $10 off your registration. Join me at the Supplier’s Marketplace at the event, an all-day vendor fair which showcases some of the best Arizona products available. Enjoy free samples and meet local growers and producers. Buy local, shop local, support local!

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