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Tips for Navigating the Devoured Culinary Classic

Bar Resturant LogoThe Devoured Culinary Classic comes to Phoenix with a weeklong celebration starting February 28th and culminating Sunday, March 6th with an event designed to showcase local fine food and drink producers and purveyors. The event on Sunday will be held at the Phoenix Art Museum (hyperlink to this site www.phxart.org) and is perfect for anyone looking to get a broad sampling of unique and imaginative dishes prepared by some of the most talent chefs in the valley. If you are a beer or wine lover, you’ll have the chance to try drinks from nationally acclaimed Arizona based beer crafters and wine makers.

Presented in conjunction with Locals First Arizona, Devoured promotes local restaurants in an effort to encourage individuals to support local restaurants, businesses and farmers. Did you know that for every $100 spent in a locally owned business, roughly $42 remains right here in Arizona, while for the same $100 spent in a national chains, only $13 remains here? Those statistics illustrate the importance of eating and drinking locally, and what better way to learn about all that’s available then at the Devoured Culinary Classic.

Bar and Restaurant Insurance is committed to supporting local businesses, which is why we play a part is sponsoring and participating in Devoured. We’ve enjoyed being a part of it in years past and look forward to another successful year.

Bar Rest. Ins WebsiteWhether it’s your first year or you are a seasoned veteran, if you are planning to attend the Culinary Classic on Sunday here’s a few tips to help you make the most of the experience.

Bring Your Appetite

There are so many delicious items to try you’ll be surprised at how full you get. Bring your appetite! Also, try dishes and drinks you’ve never had before. This is an excellent time to find some new favorites.

Pick up Menus and Business Cards

Because we are creatures of habit we tend to frequent the same restaurants over and over again. Here’s your chance to break out of your shell. Grab menus and business cards while you are there to take home. Create a file to keep at home and put new restaurants into a notes file on your phone. That way when you are planning evenings out, you can peak at either of these for reminders on places you want to visit.

Make Time to See the Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum has a number of exhibits that you will have the chance to see while at the event. Ticket prices include admission to the museum to don’t miss this opportunity to see their impressive display of visual arts.

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